Sunday, June 13, 2010

Opu Biswas bangladeshi cinema actress

Opu And Sakib Khan

Opu Biswas bangladeshi cinema actress.Opu is now shooting at Cox’s Bazar. Apu will stay outside of Dhaka for one more week to shoot the movie ‘Hakim Nore To Hukum Norena’ directed by F. I. Manik. She will go to Bangkok next month. During this Eid, she will be seen in around half a dozen movies. She is tensed about release of lots of movies simultaneously.

As this tends to push producers into business risk. And Apu does not like this either.She said, “I am not in support of releasing several movies together, because films do not do business. And blame falls on shoulders of actors-actresses. Opu Biswas bangladeshi cinema actress.

Opu bissas in Pain